Unwill - Can’t Kill Me: A Proclamation

>> ‘Can’t Kill Me,’ Unwill’s second album since their conception in 2015, is a screaming proclamation full of high energy and heavy riffs.

The Good:

Recorded and self-produced in a barn in upstate New York, ‘Can’t Kill Me’ is a heavy-hitting homegrown album. Having signed with Entertainment One only last year, this decision indicates Unwill is moving in a new, and possibly better, direction.

‘Can’t Kill Me,’ is intended to give listeners a place to hurt, and a place to heal. Doing exactly that, Roc Tracy’s (lead vocals) lyrical depth is perfectly matched in intensity and intimacy by Ethan James (guitar) and Jeffrey Lean’s (bass) hard-cutting and melodic accompaniment. ‘Can’t Kill Me,’ expresses a special kind of cathartic joy that is only found in a special kind of darkness. In this way, the whole album serves to be a helping hand for a hurting soul.

The Bad:

When asked about the inspiration behind the album, Unwill alluded to having undergone serious hardships since their last release. Their “hardships” may explain their deviation from Entertainment One and decision to produce ‘Can’t Kill Me’ from a much more intimate and personal approach. While they may have been rewarded with more creative responsibilities, the lack of professional studio backing is sometimes apparent in the overall sound production of the album.

The Review:

Unwill’s decision to self-produce ‘Can’t Kill Me,’ is proving to be a successful one. Hit singles such as, “Sometimes” and “Keep It Gold” are climbing the charts. With its high production quality, despite their DIY approach, emotional depth, and hard-rock virtuosity, this album proclaims Unwill is here, their loud, and regardless of hardship, can’t be killed. 8/10 <<

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