Feeling Soulful with Madelline

>> Madelline is singer and songwriter with soul, r&b, and jazz influences. She is originally from the woods in Connecticut but now resides in Montreal, she is very thankful to her mom for her dual citizenship. This talented lady has an absolutely stunning voice and has recently released her first single, "Wish I Could See". Check out our interview with her below!

How long have you been performing and/or playing and writing music?

I’ve been doing musical theatre since I was about 7 or 8 and then I played in school band for 5 years

(flute) and did choir for 3.

When I was a little one I wrote songs about how school sucked that are super funny to look back on. It’s funny because I was a great student... I know I wrote more songs like that but this is the only one I could find. …….Yes, I took physics as a 10-year-old………..

You recently released your debut single “Wish I Could See.” Could you tell us a bit about the song’s meaning and the inspiration behind it?

The song is about an ex that got together with someone who was his friend since he was young and I was quite surprised. I also like to bring in my theatre background and write as a “dramatic femme fatal” sort of character, so there’s an element of that in there. In terms of production, I wanted to make the song theatrical and atmospheric to transport the listener into a different world. My producer and (Stefano Pando) and