Feeling Soulful with Madelline

>> Madelline is singer and songwriter with soul, r&b, and jazz influences. She is originally from the woods in Connecticut but now resides in Montreal, she is very thankful to her mom for her dual citizenship. This talented lady has an absolutely stunning voice and has recently released her first single, "Wish I Could See". Check out our interview with her below!

How long have you been performing and/or playing and writing music?

I’ve been doing musical theatre since I was about 7 or 8 and then I played in school band for 5 years

(flute) and did choir for 3.

When I was a little one I wrote songs about how school sucked that are super funny to look back on. It’s funny because I was a great student... I know I wrote more songs like that but this is the only one I could find. …….Yes, I took physics as a 10-year-old………..

You recently released your debut single “Wish I Could See.” Could you tell us a bit about the song’s meaning and the inspiration behind it?

The song is about an ex that got together with someone who was his friend since he was young and I was quite surprised. I also like to bring in my theatre background and write as a “dramatic femme fatal” sort of character, so there’s an element of that in there. In terms of production, I wanted to make the song theatrical and atmospheric to transport the listener into a different world. My producer and (Stefano Pando) and I were also exploring a lot with mellotron and the trippy creepy symphonic sounds on it, which really shaped the song. I also decided to play my flute on it to add to the atmosphere.

The video for “Wish I Could See” is so dreamy! What was the experience like shooting your first music video?

Thank you! I had actually shot one music video before this for a different song with a lot of the same team, which I haven’t released yet. But this one was so fun because the director (Alberto D’onofrio) has a lot of experience working with actors, which is nice because my background is in acting, so we really focused on the character and storyline. I play a witchy character who glides around the room and descends further and further into madness. Since the video was shot in one take it was a lot like theatre, I had to remember specific marks to hit and just roll with the take and embrace what happened in the moment.

Do you have any plans to release more singles or an EP? If so, when?

Right now I’m working on some visuals with my friend and my next single is slated to release in January! The song is called Ghost and I’m really excited to release it. It’s more upbeat and r&b.

Your music is influenced by R&B greats including Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, Ella Fitzgerald, and Etta James. What is it about them as artists, or what is it about their music, that inspires you?

All these artists have wonderful voices, and they absolutely influenced my soulful way of approaching singing. I also adore strings and horns which all of these artists incorporate into their music. Those vintage orchestral sounds are so warm and brilliantly arranged! My ultimate dream is to and to play and record with a full orchestra! It would be so magical.

What draws you to R&B and soul? What do you love about it?

I love the voices!! It is so fun for me to listen to the way these artists sing and the control they have over their voice and how expressive they are. I also have a lot of fun trying to copy riffs and runs. It’s technical and feels so cool when I finally learn a new one.

Okay, so imagine you’re on a long flight somewhere. What is your best ice-breaker for the friendly seatmate beside you?

“Hi, what is your life passion?” (okay maybe not that right away, but shortly after a few introductory questions). I was just talking to a friend about how we like to cut right to the deep things when meeting new people. It catches some people off guard, but I don’t really like small talk.

Outside of music, what do you enjoy doing? Is there anything you like to do to keep your creativity flowing?

I am also an actress and audition when I get called in. Acting is a great medium to challenge myself and use my creativity to bring the character to life. I also love thrift shopping and being creative with my daily clothing and style. It helps that I work at a thrift store part time, I get first pick on a lot of amazing stuff. My current favourite piece is this snow princess white jacket with puffy sleeves!

Do you have any suggestions for bands or songs we should be listening to right now?

I’ve been loving Okay Kaya and the song “Habitual Love”. The music and lyrics are so fantastic and the song has such a soft touch, a sort of bedroom vibe. The songs “Goya! Soda!” And “Damn, Dis-Moi” By Christine and the Queens are also wonderful. Her back vocals are phenomenal and the songs have this really cool 80s vibe but with a 2018 touch. <<

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