New Music Friday - Dance Yourself Out of That Food Coma

1. "Trails" by Lost Cousins

This indie psych band has been releasing consistently beautiful and unbelievably catchy tunes! Check out their latest one and keep an eye on this band, as they are absolute FIRE and filled with talented! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

2. "Beautiful Dress" by Marlon Williams

This New Zealand musician has a slew of breathtaking and heartbreaking songs for you! His latest music video for "Beautiful Dress" is out which was directed, produced and edited by the talented Charlotte Evans! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

3. "Poundshop Kardashians" by Sam Fender

This talented British singer-songwriter is back with a banger new track that will get you up off your ass and dancin' around, which is exactly what we need to cure us from these insane food comas today! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

4. "come out and play" by Billie Eilish

How could we not share a song from one of our favorite indie artists?! This lady is HECKA talented and we are in LOVE with all of her music! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

5. "Stuck In The Middle" by Mike Posner

Mike Posner has been changing up his sound between pop and indie for a while and we don't hate it! A little experimentation never hurt anyone! Check out this fuckin' beautiful new single from an artist who embraces switchin' it up every now and then! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!