Holy Wars' Top 10 Albums

>> Holy Wars is a dark alternative rock duo from LA! The front-woman Kat Leon and her bandmate Nicolas Perez have been releasing hauntingly beautiful music since early 2017. The band recently released a new single, "Born Dark", which was produced by Hunter Burgan of AFI! Below Kat discusses her top 10 favorite albums and how they've influenced her!

1. Garbage - Self-titled album from 1995 This album definitely shaped me as a songwriter and represents my youth. It's the kind of album that will live with me for a lifetime. I identified with the lyrics and felt they had a voice for my inner thoughts which inspired me to write poetry which then led to a song.

2. Ok Computer- Radiohead Call me cliche but this album is absolute perfection. My one album to die on a deserted island with. "Exit music for a film" will be my exit music for my life if I get lucky to have that option. Radiohead was a huge influence for me through my life. They inspired me to write what I feel and not what is just one thing. To write only what matters to me about life, experience, and society. I suppose early on they made me stray from a simple pop song. From song to song on this album, it's a journey and this band's whole discography is all growth, evolution, and not being a one trick pony. They are my bar on where I set myself to go. Probably the only band I would mark with ink on my body.

3. Fantastic Planet - Failure Another album that from song to song is perfection. This band really really inspired our first EP. The heaviness and rawness yet layered with some polish. I love the crafting of a song with a beautiful melody and that heavy bass being at the forefront just painting the landscape for emotion to pour through. Every musician in this band and on this album makes this piece of art timeless which they have proven to be that from the 90's to the modern day.

4. Like Clockwork- Queens of the Stone Age This album has so many twists and turns and the musicianship in this is incredible. This album definitely inspired Holy Wars' early writing. We always like to add a twist of an unexpected chord change or sound because of this album. Listening to this album on headphones especially... you can hear all the little nuances and soundscapes that shape the song without getting in the way of the melody or rhythm. Very well constructed album.

5. Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple Though SO much of Fiona's work is so close to my heart and inspiration, I put this one down as my favorite album. This wasn't as well received as her earlier work but it really struck my heart in a major way and I fell in love with every song on there. It was the first album to inspire me to write with my piano. I connected deeply to her lyrics, her pain, and there is a whimsical feeling throughout this whole album. Her vocals go to places I haven't heard from her before and she challenged me to want to exercise all facets of my art and moods and vocal capabilities.

5. Antichrist Superstar - Marilyn Manson Loving this album also because of the work from Trent Reznor. The sounds, the sexiness, the darkness... it all just owned me in my youth.

6. Joshua Tree - U2 Just perfect writing - the soundscape from the Edge- timeless.

7. Fever Ray - Self titled album 2009 This album is so exposed and vulnerable, it really spoke to me. The light in the darkness, a beautiful experience especially while you are going through something life-changing. When I lost my parents this album was on repeat.

8. Abyss - Chelsea Wolfe This album definitely had an influence on us in our early writing. I especially love this album because it was a turning point for Chelsea Wolfe in her music. Quite a darker and heavier sound compared to her previous work. She took risks and it created such a sonic beauty of contrast with her angelic reverb-drenched vocals over this heavy, sludgy sound.

9. The Score - The Fugees As a kid, I played this album over and over. I am not quite sure if it can be considered a direct inspired connection to Holy Wars but it is most certainly in my DNA and shaped my adolescence and besides growing up listening to the 50's to the 80's, this was the first album that I was so blown away by in the 90's.

10. Purple Rain - Prince Another album of perfect songs. I love music that makes me jealous I didn't write it and though there are so so many from Bowie, Janis Joplin, and more, I would definitely put the Purple Rain album on that list too. I wish I had a top 50 albums list to write ;) <<

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