>> November 17th at the Bug Jar was our last Floated show of 2018! The lineup was perfect if I do say so myself! Three Rochester bands and one Buffalo band, further proof that the music scene in Western New York is a BIG DEAL! The Noble Kind, Animal Sounds, Younger Then, and The Stedwells. For three out of the four bands, this was their debut performance at the Bug Jar!

Each of the bands captivated the audience with their own unique sound. The Noble Kind started off with downright breathtakingly beautiful vocals. Animal Sounds amped up the crowd with their incredible energy and chemistry! They even performed a Tame Impala cover! Younger Then made you feel the connection to their music and the emotions behind each one of their lyrics. And last but definitely not least, The Stedwells finished the night with an insane amount of energy and an absolutely bangin' set! The perfect way to end the night. <<