Song Premiere - It's Enough by Boy Jr.

>> You might recognize Boy Jr. from our latest issue of Floated Magazine! This talented lady has been hard at work, constantly creating and making us proud! Check out her brand new song called "It's Enough"!

Emotional betrayal, social anxiety, artistic growing pains, electro-dance beats, reasonably priced red wine. These ingredients (plus plenty of love) gave life to Boy Jr.'s track "It's Enough". Beginning as a class assignment, the project opened doors to new opportunities for sonic and emotional expression.

I had to write a tune that uses the major I chord and minor iv chord, a classic pop music move. Everything after that was a result of experiments with my DAW. Everything I do lately is a learning experience in recording software somewhere in its core. This track was a particular growth spot for popping and pounding electric drum programming, vocal compression, and seeking unique guitar tones.

But as much fun (read: existential self-deprecating editing, listening to the same 2 seconds on repeat) as if was to make, the song has taken on additional life as a piece of performance. At its core, the song is about moving on from the initial hurt of some kind of emotional betrayal. Recognizing another person's bullshit intentions and choosing to let it affect you less and less as you grow up. I often begin my sets with this song. In a way, it's a choice to start out the whole experience by just diving right into some of the hardest feelings to feel.

I am proud to finally put this work out. I am excited that this track will be kicking off a number of upcoming releases. I am excited to keep growing and sharing whatever mischief I come up with. <<

Listen to the song HERE!

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