Film Review - The Little Stranger

>> Each year there are a bunch of films that tank at the box office, and there are films that unfortunately get overlooked by large blockbuster releases. The Little Stranger is surely a film that was overshadowed by its fellow theatre mates, perhaps with its digital release, it will gain the audience it deserves.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson The Little Stranger is based off the novel by Sarah Waters. It follows Dr. Faraday (Domhnall Gleeson) who travels to a failing estate in which the inhabitants continue to practice failing traditions. Faraday comes to learn that there is a haunting presence in the house, that has a commanding force over the residents.

Abrahamson has always delivered well-crafted films, and The Little Stranger is no exception. It ’s a completely immersive and totally convincing portrayal of the 40’s. Every shot is this film is well composed and has a level of craftsmanship that makes the film feel painterly. The story will draw you in quickly, and keep you guessing at every weird and uncomfortable turn.

Gleeson performance is incredible, and is quite a vital part to the film—I’m not quite sure any other actor would’ve been able to pull it off. This film is a slow burn thriller, but definitely worth the watch. 7/10 <<