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Underoath Erase Me Tour at Showbox SoDo in Seattle, Washington

>> On Tuesday, November 20th, Underoath lit up one of the major rock venues in Seattle, Showbox SoDo. The headlining tour has started early November in support of their latest record “Erase Me”, as the band reunited after a several years of hiatus.

First to the stage were The Plot In You, four-piece alternative rock band from Ohio. They played majority of the songs from their fourth studio album “Dispose”, that came out earlier this year.

Next up were Crown The Empire, that opened their set with “Zero”, followed by “Memories of a Broken Heart”, “20/20”, and their latest single “What I Am”.

Dance Gavin Dance brought to the stage a mixture of many music genres that you can think of: from post-hardcore and experimental rock to jazz fusion. The audience was enjoying every second of it as you can tell by the enormous amount of crowd surfers.

Accompanied by the visuals, Spencer Chamberlain (lead vocals), Aaron Gillespie (drums, clean vocals), Christopher Dudley (keyboards, synthesizers), Timothy McTague (lead guitar, backing vocals), Grant Brandell (bass guitar) and James Smith (rhythm guitar) hit the stage. The show kicked in from “On My Teeth”, the first single of “Erase Me”.

Spencer was running and jumping all over the stage, swinging his mic in the air, sharing his boundless energy with the audience. Everyone in the crowd was singing along, jumping and having fun. When people were asked to raise their hands if it’s their first time seeing Underoath live, ¾ of the nearly packed venue raised their hands.

Set was finished with “I Gave Up”, as Spencer played piano in the middle of the stage. When the band members left the crowd was begging for more. Aaron and Spencer entered the stage and acoustically played Nirvana cover “Heart-Shaped Box”. The song was greatly appreciated by Seattleites. The night was wrapped up with “Writing on the Walls”.

The connection of the band with the audience is undeniable. Underoath are on tour until mid-December, so when they hit your town, go see them live. A great amount of energy, fun and awesome music guaranteed! <<

Underoath setlist:

1. On My Teeth 2. Young and Aspiring 3. In Regards to Myself 4. Breathing In a New Mentality 5. Rapture 6. It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door 7. Illuminator 8. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 9. ihateit 10. Reinventing Your Exit 11. It Has to Start Somewhere 12. A Fault Line, A Fault Of Mine 13. No Frame 14. Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear 15. A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White 16. I Gave Up

Encore: 1. Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover) 2. Writing on the Walls

Listen to Underoath HERE!

Listen to Dance Gavin Dance HERE!

Listen to Crown The Empire HERE!

Listen to The Plot In You HERE!

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