Sasha Sloan - Loser: A Coming Of Age EP

>> ‘Loser,’ Sasha Sloan’s second EP release with Good Times Records/ RCA since ‘Sad Girl’ (2018), portrays the painful and sweet loves and losses of her early twenties.

The Good:

In only six tracks, Sloan’s, ‘Loser’ is prolific with the amount of emotional ground it covers. Sloan’s thought-provoking and courageously vulnerable lyricism depict her own struggles to negotiate and redefine relationships with family, friends, and herself. Reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, who combines electronic, folk, and pop textures into painfully beautiful songs. Sloan juxtaposes memorable vocal melodies with bittersweet orchestral arrangements, reverb-induced electric guitars, and poppy danceable beats to create a sad but upbeat, and dare I say, uplifting mood of healing and hurting.

The Bad:

Sometimes, in keeping too close to her sad-girl persona, Sloan’s ‘Loser’ feels as though it limits itself emotionally, prioritizing only one or two emotions: sad and sadder. And, while this sort of continuity promotes consistency throughout the album, the lack of emotional diversity, or range of emotion she expresses, leaves a listener feeling like they've gotten too much of a good thing, or in this too much of a sad thing. ‘Loser’s’ emotional depth may be great, though it’s monochromatic soundscape can easily underwhelm the listener.

The Review:

Despite having been released only last Friday, Sloan’s ‘Loser’ is growing in popularity. With hit singles like, "Chasing Parties,” “Faking It,” and “Older,” rapidly climbing the pop music charts, the Boston born, LA-based pop idol is gearing up to kick off her first North American headlining tour in March 2019.

‘Loser’ demonstrates Sloan’s dedication to refining the craft of songwriting, as well as her fearlessness to be emotionally transparent with herself and her fans. While ‘Loser’ may lack diversity on an emotional or soundscape based level, it is a focused EP that distills the coming-of-age anxieties of twenty years olds in a consistent and well-produced work of pop music. 7/10 <<

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