The Kerfuffle Before Christmas Night One - Mondo Cozmo, The Moth & The Flame, Metric

>> It’s our favorite time of the year again! We’re talking about the annual Kerfuffle Before Christmas put together by our friends at Alternative Buffalo! This year’s night one lineup was an indie fan’s dream, Mondo Cozmo, The Moth & The Flame, and Metric!

Mondo Cozmo started off his acoustic set with a bang and bathed in gorgeous pink light! What made his performance even more special was the fact that this is the only show he decided to do while in the middle of putting together his second album! In fact, during his performance, he tried out some brand new material on the audience. The crowd loved every one of the new songs, whooping and hollering afterwards to show their appreciation. He beamed on stage reacting to the applause as he already had already mentioned that he still gets nervous performing. “Plastic Soul”, a song he said was written for David Bowie, enveloped the venue and gave me goosebumps. His set was finished with his hit song, “Shine”. The crowd sang every word along with

him and moved around to the beat. It was the perfect

start to the night!

The Moth & The Flame hit the stage and the crowd screamed with delight. The band was bathed in red light as they began to play, “Red Flag”. I was immediately awestruck at the incredibly powerful voice of Brandon Robbins. The raw emotion and passion that was expressed through his vocals and lyrics made me tear up. They also played a brand new song for the crowd! When Brandon Robbins mentioned that he was going to play “the most depressing song they have ever written” the audience delightfully squealed. He laughed to the strange response. The audience sang along with every word to their latest single, “The New Great Depression”. I waited such a long time to see this talented band perform. The highlights of their set were my seeing favorite songs, “Live While I Breathe” and “Young & Unafraid”, being performed right in front of me. I was left breathless after they had finished their set. I highly recommend you see them perform live if you haven’t!

The moment everyone was waiting for had finally arrived. The iconic indie band Metric was about hit the stage. After much anticipation, the horizontal lights flickered and the band ran out on to the stage, the crowd went absolutely wild as Emily Haines said, “HELLO BUFFALO!” The steady beat to “Black Sheep” began to thump and the crowd almost lost their minds! I looked around to see everyone bobbing around in time to the beat with faces full of huge smiles and singing every word. Metric performed hit after hit, keeping the audience up on their feet and energized! It was so cool to see that all age groups came to Buffalo Riverworks just to enjoy some kick-ass music! “Breathing Underwater” began to filter out of the speakers, during the song Emily stopped to say something that really hit me. She said there were two ways to sing the song, amazed and grateful or depressed and annoyed. “Sometimes I sing it one way….sometimes I sing it the other way. Tonight I sing BOTH ways!” This really opened my eyes up to the perspective you can choose to have on your life. The band went on to perform the rest of the song and I sat there in awe...just absorbing and feeling grateful for the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands in real life. Is this MY life?! <<