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New Music Friday - Indie Dance Jams

1. “Catch Me If You Can" by Kelsy Karter

This New Zealand born, now LA-based artist is someone to keep an eye on! Her latest track is unbelievably catchy, something we are definitely going to have on repeat this weekend! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

2. “Saturday Night” by The Treble

This alternative rock band from Canada has been around since 2008. This new song about a "young love – the kind that burns too bright and could never last", is a tune that will get easily stuck in your head. Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

3. "L'Over" by Fil Bo Riva

You may recognize his name from a previous New Music Friday feature, this time he is back with new song! We are so in love with this talented artist's fresh takes on the indie alternative scene! We already can't wait to share more of his new music with you! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

4. "Trampoline" by SHAED

Yes, we know this song isn't new. However, this music video is! We are HUGE fans of SHAED, if you couldn't tell! These hauntingly beautiful visuals perfectly match the tone of this tune! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

5. "Habit" by Still Woozy

This indie artist has been on our personal playlists for a while! Still Woozy is the solo project of the talented Sven Gamsky who records in his garage studio! If you haven't listened to him yet you MUST!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

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