Alternative Buffalo's The Kerfuffle Before Christmas - Night Two 2018

>> The Kerfuffle Before Christmas caused quite the commotion on Wednesday, December fifth in Buffalo! With a killer lineup including Max Frost, Alice Merton, and Blue October the event was popping with spunky indie vibes leaving everyone with that familiar warm feeling as we get closer to the holiday season.

Max Frost, a one man, jack of all trades performer kicked off the show with his spunky indie pop sound. He lit up the stage and got everyone loose with his dance-inducing lineup featuring songs like "Adderall", "Good Morning", and of course his top hit "White Lies". He got up close and personal with the crowd halfway through his set when he jumped off the stage and sang at the gates getting everyone jumping and singing along. Needless to say, Frost got everyone up and ready to dance and let loose for the next two parts of the show!

Alice Merton took the stage next and absolutely owned it, lead singer Alice captivated the audience with her personal anecdotes before each of her songs. She introduced her top song, "No Roots" by explaining her experience of not feeling as though she has had a place to call home as she grew up moving around very frequently. She said that she found comfort when she was able to identify and put words to this feeling by saying that she has no roots. Alice’s give no hecks attitude came out in her spunky pop anthems like "Lash out" and "Why So Serious". The crowd was a magnet to her energy so much so that by the final song, the energy

seemed to hang in the air ready to embrace the final artist, Blue October.

As deep blue lights came down to welcome Blue October to the stage, the crowd seemed to draw a little closer rustling to get a better view of the stage. A slow and deep bass line slowly crescendoed and was swiftly broken by the intrusion of drums and lights to kick off the set. What once was a feel-good dance party quickly transformed into what felt like an all-out rock show. Blue October absolutely killed the show building off the excitement of the crowd and merely having what looked like the time of their lives on stage. They faded from one song to another slowly calming down the energy but keeping their stage presence live and captivating. <<

Listen to Max Frost HERE!

Listen to Alice Merton HERE!

Listen to Blue October HERE!