Kristina Bazan at Mercury Lounge

>> Swiss blogger turned musician, Kristina Bazan, graced the intimate venue of the NYC Mercury Lounge last Wednesday, December 5th and delivered smooth, sultry sounds reminiscent of the fiery goddess, Lana Del Rey. To say better, if Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish merged to become one human, it would be Kristina Bazan. Continuing, the tightly packed venue allowed as many bodies as it could fill, and because of Bazan’s powerful ability to engage with the crowd, the energy throughout the performance made for a lively and interactive audience.

She began the show with a groovy number including cool, dim, blue lights and a solid drifty beat that allowed the audience to dance while she sang. Bazan herself took many moments to acknowledge her fellow bandmates/danced with them, and when she returned to the audience, addressed as many people in the room as she could- almost as though she was experiencing a private moment with each person. This was an aspect of the show that I highly appreciated. It dissolved the ever widen barrier between audience and performer. Everyone in the room was able to contribute and enhance the performance itself.

Another impressive aspect of this concert was the quality of Bazan’s voice. To be quite honest, I was pretty skeptical when I first arrived. I assumed that she’s just blogger attempting to expand her platform by getting involved in music. However, I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve heard her music multiple times on my iTunes and Youtube, but I honestly didn’t think that it compared to hearing her live. It was definitely worth my time. It was sensual, sultry, and explicit, and I soaked in every moment of it. Given time, this girl is going to make a giant splash in the music industry, and when that happens, I’m going to be here for it.

Looking at the show as a whole, the overall feel was relatively monochromatic. Each song carried its own weight/uniqueness but had a similar vibe. This worked well for individuals who are already familiar with her songs, but also those who may have never heard her music. Overall, I had an incredible time, and I would definitely go back! She was truly a pleasure to watch and a gem to meet in person! <<

Listen to her music HERE!