Buffalo, New York Proclaims December 15th as ‘Every Time I Die’ Day

>> Every Time I Die’s ‘Tid’ the Season’ holiday show unveiled a huge surprise as the City of Buffalo proclaimed December 15th, 2019 the first annual ‘Every Time I Die Day.’ Given out to honor the Buffalo-based hardcore band’s musical achievements, the proclamation notes the band’s outstanding hometown pride, stating that “ETID’s members remains one of Buffalo’s biggest ambassadors, constantly highlighting the City of Buffalo in a number of interviews with three of the four members of the band still living in the city.” Forming in 1998, Every Time I Die has had an established impact on the hardcore community, playing an average of over two-hundred shows each year and selling out venues with 1000+ capacity. Beating out rock and roll legends such as Bruce Springsteen on the Rock Billboard charts, the band has seen long-term musical success in both their studio and touring career. Yesterday, the band released a statement remarking on this well-deserved honor which voiced their gratitude towards the City of Buffalo: “We have loved this city for our entire lives and this weekend it officially loved us back. Words cannot begin to express how much this means, but if you were there then you felt what we did. Not many bands get to do this for 20 years. That’s because not many bands have Buffalo, NY behind them. We are nothing without you. And for those that traveled, you’re always welcome here with us. At home.” If you hail from Upstate New York and haven’t had the chance to listen to this pivotal hardcore band, you’re missing out on an integral part of your musical heritage. Give their latest release ‘Low Teens,’ a listen, and be sure to mark your calendars for December 15th, 2019-- the Buffalonian ‘Every Time I Die Day’ festivities will be one for the books. <<

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