The Dream Pop Songs of Evan Myall: ‘Basic Gardening’ and Breaking Out as a Solo Artist

>> Northern California-based songwriter Evan Myall’s album ‘Basic Gardening,’ is filled to the brim with dream-pop songs for hazy moments of uninterrupted bliss. Check out his interview below to learn more about Myall’s endeavors as a solo artist and the inspirations behind his latest release!

As a self-proclaimed lifer of writing and creating music, could you describe your artistic journey a bit for us?

Sure! I started a band called 'Sleepy Sun' in college that ended up doing quite a bit of international touring and releasing 5 LP's. Then came 'Fine Points'...we put out two records. This is my first solo recording but I've been playing ever since I got cut from the high school varsity basketball team.

How does the music in your solo career differentiate from the creative work that you’ve done in other projects?

I'm doing all the writing and structuring of the songs without input from others. Just me and the ol' geetar. The collaboration part happened in the studio. I got a bunch of talented friends to help bring the songs to life.

How would you describe the sound of the music in your solo career to someone who has never heard you before?

It's pop music with added dreamy textures and weirdness. I tend to pose this question: "How do we make this song sound stranger than it is?"

Could you unpack the inspiration and events which led you to write the songs on your latest release, ‘Basic Gardening’?

Writing songs is my favorite form of self-care. These tunes were a batch that I wrote last year plus one that was conceived over ten years ago (Devil's Shoes.) The songs are autobiographical and all-inclusive. I'm not always the main character...sometimes it's a friend or a stranger. It's also a reaction to the divisive climate that I see around me. I wanted everyone to be able to relate to these songs. Music gives me hope.

Did you collaborate with anyone else on this album?

Yes. Bobby Renz produced the record and played all sorts of instruments on it. He was the one that tapped me to do this. I'm very happy that we did! Hannah Moriah sang on a couple jams. Owen Kelley played guitar, bass, and keys on a few. Tyler Green played guitar on one song. All bay area legends!

When you perform this album live, do you plan to do acoustic sets or work with a full band? If you’re planning on working with a full-band, what will the band’s composition look like?

I've got a 6 piece band lined up for December 22nd at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco! It's comprised of folks that played on the record and a couple other jammers. It's gonna be fun.

How would you describe your relationship to the music scene in Northern California, and how much of an influence does the city that you live in have on your writing and creative process?

There are a ton of super talented artists and musicians that still live in the bay. Still, the tech world seems to never stop growing. The financial prevalence and saturation of the current tech takeover can make it challenging for art/music to sustain. It's still my favorite place in the world. I live in a weird little East Bay town near Oakland called Alameda. It feels like you're trapped in the 50's here (in a good way.) It's quiet and a nice place to walk my dog.

If you could pick any musician of all time to collaborate with-- who would you choose and why?

Neil Young because he's my guy. I love his guitar playing and weird voice.

What should we expect to see from your solo career in the future?

More songs! I've got 10+ new tunes that I need to record soon. I'll be playing shows, too. Thanks for listening. <<

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