Building Community in a New City: A Feature from Lost Cousins

>> On Lost Cousins' origins and band name:

“Lost Cousins” stemmed originally from the name of one of our songs. The group started as a project that gained and lost members through a ‘friend of a friend’ type system and was gaining new fans solely through playing shows. We had virtually no music online, and so the band was facilitated entirely through friend groups. Due to the fact that the group started in university, each one of us had moved from a different city and ended up playing music together in another. I think because we all left friends and family in our respective homes we felt a sense of new community, but also the loss of another. The name Lost Cousins came from those feelings. People always say to us “Hey I have some cousins I haven’t heard from in years” and that sort of explains what the band name means – feeling connected to people outside of your physical environment, who you might not have communicated with in a while. It’s that sense of community (whether near or far) that helped our group form initially.

On "Stay":

There is a subtle story behind Stay - it’s about moving away from somewhere that you love to a new, unfamiliar place. Our drummer and singer Cam moved across the country when he was a kid and our band moved to a new city right after school, so the song sort of touches on both of those experiences. The lyrics are about sitting in the backseat of a car and staring at the changing scenery that passes while awaiting a new beginning.

We hope that listeners would be able to tap into the emotional and nostalgic energy they get from the song, as it relates to their own experiences with (re)movement, relocation, or distance in general. <<

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