Eliza Grace's 'Wormwood' Brings a New Sound to Contemporary Pop Music

>> A mix of anthemic ballads and heartfelt acoustic tracks, up and coming songwriter Eliza Grace exemplifies a level of emotional receptivity that distinguishes her from traditional pop artists. In our latest guest blog post, Grace shares some compelling insights on her latest release ‘Wormwood.’

"'Wormwood' is a collection of songs from a very impactful passage in my life. Most of these songs are fairly young and recently written, but some go as far back as five years ago when I was only fifteen. When I say the album is “a reflection on love, dreams, exploration, addiction, and identity,” that’s kind of just the human experience. But the record is very much a concept album of my life and the human experience through my own perception when you listen to all thirteen tracks. There’s a lot of evaluating and nostalgia in the record, and it sounds like memories, very youthful memories. There were a handful of tracks I cried while writing. “Note To Self” was written during my first bout of depression, and was an actual note to myself. And the record also includes my first love song and even first heartbreak." <<

Listen to 'Wormwood' HERE!

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