Cherry Kola Farms X Vacationer: 'Mindset' Cannabis Strain

>> Cherry Kola Farms collaborated with Ken Vasoli from Vacationer to create a signature cannabis strain for their latest full-length album ‘Mindset.’ We had the chance to interview Cherry Kola Farms to learn more about their “Artist Partnership Program,” and Vasoli’s background as a self-proclaimed cannabis enthusiast!

How did the collaboration between Vacationer and Cherry Kola Farms get started?

Their relationship began organically through a mutual connection where Asa and Ken hit it off. After linking with Ken, Asa learned what inspires Ken and what cannabis effects he liked. Asa then bred a strain specific to the desired effects of his album. How does Cherry Kola Farms differentiate themselves from other cannabis breeders and cultivators?

We bred for specific goals, not simply for flavors like most. First and foremost is quality and effect. The truth is that terpene (flavor) profile dictates the psychological effects. We also don’t breed for yield because that would take away from it is that we are striving for. Could you elaborate a bit on your up and coming “artist partnership program”-- and do you plan to pair with other artists in the near future? Moving on from our own in-house genetics we wanted to allow artists to accentuate their creativity through cannabis. Music holds a special place in our lives and by working with artists on our farm in Sonoma County is truly a dream come true. We are releasing Kuzzo Fly Kush on December 22nd at Blunts and Moore, the first ever equity program dispensary out of Oakland. Kuzzo will be there in store signing albums. The equity program is designed to give back to the communities that were hit the hardest by the disproportionately enforced drug war. We have several more partnerships that we will be rolling out in 2019.

As a self-described cannabis advocate, how did Vacationer frontman Ken Vasoli build interest in tailoring his own strain of cannabis?

We share a mutual love for cannabis and we really enjoyed working together on this project. Could you elaborate a bit on the hybrid of strains that makes up “Mindset,” and the process that you went through to choose this combination?

Mindset was created by breeding the strains Sour X OG and a cross of Banana X Pineapple. This took a little over a year, several pheno hunts, and finally, the winner was chosen by Ken. The base genetics took years to create. How would you describe the effects of this signature strain?

Consuming “Mindset” truly allows the creative juices to flow while giving you a nice euphoric uplifting effect that is not overpowering or too sleepy.

How does the release of this strain coordinate and pair with the namesake album released by Vacationer last summer?

Ken wanted people to be able to share his artistic vision and hold the same mindset while listening to his new album.

Where can cannabis enthusiasts and Vacationer fans alike hope to find this strain in the near future?

Zen Wellness in West Hollywood CityCC420 in Los Angeles Blunts And Moore <<

Listen to 'Mindset' HERE!

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