Song Premiere - Lazy Dazing by The Burkharts

>> The Burkharts are an indie five-piece band from Buffalo, NY, consisting of lifelong friends and multi-instrumentalists Trevor Hodge, Gavon Hodge, Luke Sampson, Austin Knorr, and James Wrobel. Inspired by classic rock bands including The Beatles and Beach Boys, and contemporary artists such as Mac Demarco and Twin Peaks, The Burkharts make music that makes you feel the same way a Dr. Seuss book makes your grandson feel--or sometimes how drinking the last remaining bottle of soda pop before anyone else can get at it feels.

"“Lazy Dazing” is a song we wrote about feeling nostalgic and missing being a kid. The term lazy dazing refers to sitting around in the summer heat, watching movies, playing video games, and eating junk food with friends on summer vacation. The boring, tedious, drab cycle of working, paying bills, and drifting through life, while longing for childhood is what birthed the inspiration for “Lazy Dazing.”” <<

Listen to "Lazy Dazing" HERE!

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