>> We've got a new single premiere for you! Tesha's minimalist electronic single "Wonder" is a lyrical tale discussing our inability to detect the hidden secrets of life that are sitting right in front of our eyes. Touching on the track herself, Tesha states that, "For some reason we ignore this truth and we keep ourselves lost and divided. Did all the important leaders in history die in vain? This is what they were all trying to say. I was raised by my mom, a psychologist, and her best friend a witch and a spiritual and this is how i was raised to think and be. So far it brought me to where I wanted, so why aren’t we all living the life that we want ? Why don’t we recognize that truth?" Check out our interview with Tesha below and be sure to listen to her latest single!

How did you become involved in writing music-- and do you come from a musical or artistic family?

My father was an artist but no, it kinda came out of nowhere I guess. I just had a music class and my mom was like, "She's happy; let's get her a piano teacher." By the time I was eight, I was already head of choir at school!

When do you feel most creatively inspired-- and what actions or events help to put you into a creative frame of thinking?

When I'm happy, when I'm in love, when I'm in Israel... and the best is when I am happy, in love, and in Israel. Everything puts me there, I'm there all the time, I hear sounds coming out of everything; visuals, ideas... I think that's also my problem, since there is just too much-- not too little.

What drew you to creating electronic music and remaining within the genre as a solo artist?

Not having money, to be honest. Also , I like the fifth dimensional sound that you can create when you bend synths and samplers. I actually love to incorporate acoustic and electronic together; that's the dream.

Who are your greatest musical and artistic influences-- and where can you see the influence of other artists on ‘Growing Pain II’?

I think Growing Pain was very influenced by a lot of experimental music I have been listening to in that past year, alongside pop music and folk music.

How would you describe the atmosphere and mood of your upcoming EP, ‘Growing Pain II’?

Heavy and beautiful. Yes, this album is about death and loss, but it's also about the concept that pain is a growing mechanism.

Could you provide a bit of the backstory which led you to write your latest single, ‘Funeral?’

This one is a heavy hitter; I became an orphan during this time between "Dreams Vol.I" to my upcoming EP "Growing Pain II". It's a song about moving on with all force because you have no choice. It obviously did not work the way imagined but I am getting there. Being impregnated with pain, carrying it, can make you a force of nature; it does hurt though, but you have to try and see the big picture. The funny thing is, I gave that title "Growing Pain II" to my second EP before all of that happened and before I wrote it. It is part of a trilogy of EPs. The third one is called "Utopian Upbringing III.”

What promotional activities should fans be expecting in support of your new EP?

They should be expecting shows!

Listen to "Wonder" HERE!

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