Video Premiere - Brand New by Party Nails

LOS ANGELES, CA - At the top of the new year Party Nails continues to build a world for us to explore. Her forthcoming music video for “Brand New” adds to this world, with homemade crying videos (enthusiastically contributed by fans) and found clips from Party Nails’ personal life. Las Vegas, dirt roads in winter time, canopy beds in the breeze and a birthday jaunt across a Brooklyn street are all tied together by the song, giving the viewer a perfect visual landscape for the preemptive nostalgia Party Nails captures with lyrics like: "Come with me / I’m going down to the edge / I wanna know now / how we gonna turn out"

The song was written and produced by Party Nails (Elana Belle Carroll) with co-production and mixing from Ryan Nasci (Harry Styles, The Head and The Heart), and live drumming from Mitch Rowland (Harry Styles). It’s the tenth track on her first album Past Lives and Paychecks, which was released on October 19 of 2018. This latest batch of work from Party Nails has received coverage from publications such as Billboard, Ones To Watch, Popdust and Earmilk, as well as indie radio play and ecstatic fans.

Before the end of 2018 she supported Eve 6 on their 20th anniversary tour and Bad Bad Hats before that, playing her album to new and old fans alike.

Conceptually, Past Lives and Paychecks exposes her own experiences as well as themes of money, power, love, heartbreak, and loss. “I focused on bittersweet songwriting set to dance vibes,” she explained of her creative process. “As a singer, I really wanted to push myself to the edge of my sanity with each vocal take. Ultimately my goal was to create an album of memorable songs that land across the spectrum of alternative pop.”

Party Nails is Chatham, New York-native songwriter, producer and singer Elana Belle Carroll. She lives in Los Angeles. Party Nails is currently gearing up to tour in the spring and is already hard at work on a follow-up record.

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