Carpool, California Cousins, Lily Grave, and 20something Put on a Memorable Show at the Bug Jar

>> There was a packed room for a lineup of some serious local treasures at the Bug Jar on a Thursday night. Carpool makes sure to stop in at the Bug Jar to perform with some local greats on their extended weekend tour, accompanied by Lily Grave. Not only did the night hold several Rochester/Syracuse acts that are doing big things, but it is evident that they also support and encourage each other a great deal.

Rochester locals 20something opened up the night with some thrashy, pop punk tunes. Coming less than a week out of their performance at California Brew Haus’ Endless Fest, this three-piece was oozing with tangible chemistry on stage, and had fun playing their up tempo jams such as "Great White Buffalo" and "Coolest of the Creeps" which can be heard on their latest EP 'Extra Terrestrial.'

Hailing from Syracuse, NY and supporting Carpool during this tour was Lily Grave, blowing our minds with some mid-tempo dream pop sounds. This luxuriously haired four-piece played a couple of songs from their 8-track album 'Absurd Faces' that they released this past August including "Soak" and "Hard to Be." Though they’ve only been performing since May 2018, it was evident that they’re comfortable together on stage. It seems they’ve made some good friendships on the road as well seeing that they had plenty of support from the bands they’ve been touring with, especially Chris Colasanto (lead from Carpool) who had recorded much of their set on his phone.

Also recorded on that infamous cell phone was Rochester’s own California Cousins, who played right after Lily Grave. This three-piece is always a super energetic crowd pleaser with their erratic time signatures and perfected angsty punk sound. These guys performed songs off of their recently released 10-track album 'distant relatives' such as "Brockport 1995," and "Hold This Coupon." The album was released this past August, and immediately following its release came a nearly 60-day international tour (with performances scheduled in Canada and Mexico), ending with an impromptu show in Buffalo with Carpool as well as other great local bands. Needless to say, Cali Cuz'ns are no rookies when it comes to hitting the stage.

Headlining and closing out the night was of course Rochester’s own Carpool, with Lily Grave’s drummer Noel Richards filling in on drums. This performance at the Bug Jar marked the second night of their 5-day weekend stretch of a tour, performing also in New Jersey and New York City. Kicking off the set with beloved songs from their recently released LP 'I Think Everyone’s a Cop,' including "Cigarette Cough"," "Local Joke," and "Idaho" there was much crowd participation and singing. As if the love and enthusiasm weren’t already at an all-time high for the night, Carpool decided to end their set with a cover of Lit’s classic “My Own Worst Enemy,” where Cali Cousins’ drummer Juan Ortiz filled in on drums, and Noel Richards hopped in on vocals for a bit. All in all, a solid night with solid music. <<

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