Gnash Brings The Broken Hearts Club Tour to Irving Plaza in New York City

>> “If this song has ever made you feel better, I need to hear you sing it loud!”

My favorite thing about music is the way it brings people together, and the love in the room during gnash’s January 22nd show at Irving Plaza was an incredibly special thing to witness. Garrett Charles Nash, better known as gnash, strives to lift people up with his music and stresses that those struggling with negative emotions, insecurity, and personal demons aren’t alone. His message rang loud and clear to the packed and enthusiastic crowd in Manhattan on Tuesday night. Fresh from the release of his debut album, 'we,' on January 11th, 2019, gnash brought The Broken Hearts Club Tour to Irving Plaza, its largest stop. As an artist that combines elements of rap, acoustic, indie, emo and more into a universal message, gnash’s fans are a diverse and dedicated, tight-knit community. Lyrics like “what’s the point of being if I’m not being myself?” and “you gotta be happy alone, to be happy together,” are so unapologetically positive that it was hard not to mimic gnash’s wide smile as he sang them aloud. The album 'we,' continues themes from his previous EP and single releases, giving an extremely candid look at a breakup and its aftermath, as well as personal anxieties and insecurities. Gnash's incredibly open and encouraging idea of being and loving yourself speaks volumes. His message of positivity and hope has clearly reached listeners in a profound way: the audience already knew all of the words to gnash’s brand new songs. Following warm-up acts from fellow touring artists guardin and Mallrat, gnash bounded onto the silver tinsel-covered stage to perform “imagine if,” followed by “i hate u, i love u,” his breakout Billboard Hot 100 charting duet with Olivia O’Brien, performing an emotional solo to an eager fanbase. The night’s songs fluctuated between loud, danceable tracks driven by gnash’s rapid vocals and sharp backing band, interlaced with more stripped down arrangements in which the band was swapped for an acoustic guitar. Singing “dear insecurity," an inner monologue combating the idea of low self-worth, gnash stopped to happily shout a line with the crowd: “my imperfections make me perfect!” An acoustic rendition of “the broken hearts club,” a song about comfort in numbers for those hurting, led to hugs all around the room. Performing his cathartic new song, “t-shirt,” gnash had the crowd jumping, dancing, and singing along before a quick encore break and one final song, “fuck me up,” which included his band members on vocals. Gnash’s motto is “if we feel together, then we’ll all feel better,” and through singing, dancing, and maybe even unspoken emotions, the collective connection between gnash and his fans on this night in Irving Plaza is what makes concerts such a powerful thing. <<

gnash's setlist at Irving Plaza, January 22, 2019

imagine if

i hate u, i love u

feelings fade

tell me it’s ok




dear insecurity


nobody’s home / raining out

ilusm / leave a message

the broken hearts club


fuck me up