Looking Back on Rover's Holiday Hangover 2019

>> On a freezing cold windy night, people from all over Rochester and Western New York tip-toed through the icy streets to the Main Street Armory for Rover’s Holiday Hangover 2019. This lineup was a big deal: The Interrupters, Grandson, Lovely the Band, and Young the Giant all braved the winter weather to give their all for their fans.

The Interrupters hit the stage at 7:15 pm-- this family band comprised of Aimee Interrupter and brothers, Justin, Kevin, and Jesse Bovina brought all of their energy and gave a perfect start to the night. The crowd sang and bounced in time as their hit “She's Kerosene” began to spill out of the speakers.

Next, up and coming politically fueled alternative artist Grandson ran onto the stage and the crowd erupted with screams. The bass shook my body and this small man energetically jumped around the stage singing his heart out. The raw emotion that emanated from Grandson, aka Jordan Benjamin, was truly infectious. He took several moments in between songs to talk about how ANGRY he was at the government for mistreating people and how he doesn't care if you know or like him--he's going to do what makes him happy, performing and playing his music.

Lovely the Band strolled onto the stage and all of the girls in the room went crazy. This alternative pop band has been on the rise ever since their hit song “Broken” started streaming on all the airwaves. The stage energy did not match that of Grandson, but it was a nice relaxing break to catch your breath and chill to their catchy pop anthems. The dreamy tunes filled the Main Street Armory and the crowd sang along, anticipating the next hit that Lovely the Band would play.

Young the Giant finally took to the stage and the crowd went wild! A grid of lights blinked behind the band. The bass was a bit overwhelming, feeling your whole body vibrate with each thump. This was fixed after the first song and my ears were grateful. The band played some of their newest songs along with some old hits such as, “My Body” and “Something To Believe In,” which the crowd eagerly took in. Frontman Sameer Gadhia lit up the room with his electrifying presence and his stellar performance left the crowd begging for “one more song” as the lights dimmed on the stage. Rover’s Holiday Hangover 2019 was undoubtedly a night to remember, and music fanatics from all across the Greater Rochester area should be eagerly anticipating next year’s lineup. <<