Song Premiere - No Glitter: High School Reunion

>> No Glitter is the solo project of Billy Martin, best known as a drummer based in Rochester, New York with The Ginger Faye Bakers, Vacation Daze, Leus Zeus, and others. In late summer 2018, Martin entered Wicked Squid Studios in Rochester, New York to record nine new songs after being inspired by visiting his hometown of Syracuse, New York. All of the sounds on the forthcoming album 'The Old City' were written, performed, and sung by Martin-- save for a few key guitar solos performed by Sage Xavier, his friend and bandmate in Vacation Daze. The sound is reminiscent of 90s guitar rock through a classic 70s filter, with an emphasis on songwriting, hooks, and an overall heavy vibe. The lyrics are both reflective and forward looking; with tributes to his hometown, lifelong friendships, observations on current events, and how it feels to be a father with two young children at the end of the 2010s.

Listen to his latest single "High School Reunion" HERE!

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