Talking New Music and Going Platinum with Meg Mac

>> The Australian songwriter Meg Mac has been praised for her feminist anthems and uplifting pop tracks. Writing about identity, dignity, and self-worth, Meg Mac is a songstress who refuses to gloss over the challenging moments in her life. In her interview, she discusses her latest singles, inspiration gained on long plane rides, and performing with D'Angelo!

What can you tell us about yourself and the origin story of the band?

It’s the big voices that have always got to me and inspired me, like Sam Cooke and Ray Charles. That’s where I start with everything I do, when making my music, recording and working with my band I always start with the voice.

Late last year (Oct. 12, 2018) you released a new single called ‘Give Me My Name Back’. Can you tell us why you wrote the song, and what it feels like to have the song resonate with so many people?

Lots of people have probably found themselves at a point where they’ve lost who they are - that’s when I wrote this song. The day it was released my DM’s were flooded with messages from people with stories coming from so many different places. Women, survivors, the LGBTQ community, abuse, bullying, suicide, I was overwhelmed that so many people were opening up to me. I’d not ever experienced such emotional responses before.

Do you have plans to release any more singles in the near future? If so, when might we expect to hear them?

"Something Tells Me" is the next single from my new record and it's about to come out

Congrats on your EP ‘Meg Mac’ going platinum! Can you tell us a bit about how it felt when you got the news?