Video Premiere - IRONTOM: Black Cat

>> We're honored to premiere IRONTOM's latest single "Black Cat" and their accompanying music video! This new song follows up their previous single "Kid Midnight" which came out in the fall of 2018. Constantly evolving and expanding as an artistic outfit, the LA-based indie rock band have continued to entice their listeners with a number of genre-defying releases.

IRONTOM's dark confessional video takes us through the Los Angeles metro in a haunting series of intimate shots with the video's protagonist. Sharing their own insights on the single, IRONTOM explains that "'Black Cat' is a song about being followed. Followed by that voice, that ghost, that phantom, that relentless presence that is always telling you that things aren't good enough. Or maybe that YOU aren't good enough. Also known as 'Chronic Dissatisfaction.' It's a black cat that is always lurking nearby.”

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