Talking New Music with And The Kids

>> The effervescent indie rockers And The Kids spent some time with us to discuss being a punk, touring with Rubblebucket, and shaking up their sound.

What is the origin story of the band, how did you come up with the name ‘And The Kids’?

Rebecca and I started the band when we were teens and that was around the time we were playing on the streets and people called us kids. Another word for punks I think.

You recently released a single called ‘No Way Sit Back’ that was written as a critique from a queer perspective of how the media can harm all minorities, not just LGTBQ+. Why did you decide to write a song around this theme?

The song came together before I really even knew what it was about. It was very obvious after. But for people who don’t write music, it’s hard to explain that songs sort of write themselves and you figure out the meaning later. Sometimes a lot later, sometimes never, sometimes half-way through writing the song.

Your third full-length album ‘When This Life is Over’ releases on Feb. 22 and has already been described as “the most dynamic declaration of their distinctly rambunctious sound to date”. What can you tell us about the album?

The album was written and recorded in Northampton MA and Montreal Quebec. We decided to take a more stripped down approach for some songs to let the songs shine through. Some songs we recorded ourselves as demos and were really psyched to put those on. I love the sound of demos so much.

If you had to describe each of the tracks on ‘When This Life is Over’ in one word, what would they be?