Morgxn Gives an Outstanding Performance at Rochester's Own Record Archive

>> Last Wednesday, February 13th, Morgxn performed a short but sweet live session at the Record Archive. You may recognize Morgxn’s name from his hit song “Home”, featuring Walk The Moon.

During his performance he took the time to speak about his struggles, growing up in Nashville he constantly had to rise above his family’s opinions. The feeling of disapproval ultimately led him to leave and follow his own path, focusing on what made him happy, music. Through music he was free to explore the person he truly wanted to be, without anyone to hold him back.

Watching Morgxn perform you could easily see courage, determination, and talent radiate off of him. All of the audience members eagerly watched and once his hit song “Home” began to play everyone danced around and sang along. His cover of Radiohead’s “High and Dry”, was hauntingly beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. If you have a chance to see Morgxn perform, we HIGHLY suggest you do, as it is an absolute treat. <<

Listen to Morgxn HERE!

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