Album Premiere - Fuzzrod: Self-Titled LP

>> The debut album that everyone has been waiting for is finally here! Fuzzrod is yet another Rochester band that might as well be called a supergroup, or at the very least a group of Dadstache Record's All-Stars. Their lineup features familiar faces like Grammy-winning audio engineer Stephen Roessner on drums (ex-Saxon Shore, ex-League, and many others), Phil Shaw on guitar and vocals (ex-Secret Pizza), Karrah Teague on guitar and vocals (ex-Pony Hand, ex-Velvet Elvis, Jan the Actress) and Brandon Henahan on bass (ex-Pony Hand, ex-Velvet Elvis). Fuzzrod create anthemic garage punk, lead by Teague and Shaw’s dueling vocals and guitar heroics. It’s sleazy, it’s brash, and as Fuzzrod says “fuck work, just gimme the money.” Get ready to shout along and spill that beer in your hand all over the person next to you. Stream their debut album at the link below and keep your eyes open for the official release through Records of Choice on February 22nd.

Listen to 'Fuzzrod' HERE!

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