The King's Parade Dive Into Their Latest Single - Mad

Could you describe the backstory behind your latest single "Mad"?

Olly Corpe - "Mad" was written about the moment you feel a connection with someone else. You can’t be sure of it because it’s not something concrete or physical, you just feel it within yourself. I’ve always enjoyed how mysterious that moment can be. It can last a split second or it can last a lifetime. We’re all so intrinsically connected and it’s interesting to me when that connection manifests itself in a smile, a conversation, or even a long lasting relationship. I think we all have this urge to interact with each other but sometimes we’re just too worried that the connection only goes one way.

What moment in your experience as a band has shaped you the most and why?

Chris Brent - We were busking in Brighton years ago and had just finished playing a song when a guy walked right past us. Within seconds of starting our next song ("Vagabond"), the guy stopped in his tracks, turned around and dropped his card in our guitar case. This guy turned out to be our German booking agent and within the week, he had offered us our first major tour, supporting JJ Grey & Mofro for all their upcoming shows in Germany. Playing live has always been the most important thing about being in music for us so this was a huge moment for the band.

During the tour itself, as well as reaffirming our love for playing to audiences, we were massively inspired by JJ Grey’s incredible musicianship and performances. They are a fair bit older than us and in some way the experience of watching them play with such intensity night after night gave us something to aim for in the long term - to stand the test of time and to be able to put as much of yourself into your thousandth gig as you put into your first. <<

Listen to "Mad" HERE!

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