>> Fans of Arctic Monkeys and Barns Courtney have a new gruff indie-rock act to watch this year! The Bandicoots write catchy, 70s-influenced tunes and with three EPs under their belt, this ambitious band has a host of exciting adventures to share with us in their interview!

What is the origin story behind the band?

We didn’t choose this life, this life chose us. From a young age, we were ushered into a life of music. Practicing anywhere between 15-25 hours a day, under a strict regimen implemented by our towering father, we schlepped away at developing our abilities as artists and entertainers to bring you what you see today.

Late last year you released a single titled ‘Shady Lane’. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for this track, and if/when we can expect a new album?

I had been listening to a bunch of Lou Reed around that time. That song Andy’s Chest in particular kind of stood out. It’s filled with these wacky lyrics. The first version of Shady Lane was a lot more down the centre, it had started to feel like a songwriting-parody in a way. I had sort of got into a rhythm of writing a song, pumping out the same kind of phrases and general vibe. Like, “Okay, I put this here, and here’s the big chorus everyone can relate to,” and so on. I remember walking around listening to that Reed song, and I heard the line, “But the funny thing is what happened to her nose/It grew until it reached all of her toes.” It kind of made me realize a song doesn’t need to be any sort of way, you’re free to play with it. Write whatever you want.

We’re heading into the studio this week actually (though we’ll probably have been to the studio by the time people are reading this – time travel exists). The plan is to release a tune every couple months, building up to an album if we can scrape together the funding for it.

What are some of your biggest inspirations?

I’ve moved out to Etobicoke (fake-Toronto), which has allowed me to check out the local Toronto scene a little more. I love Hamilton and the scene there – but it’s been refr