Upstate Spotlight: Jan The Actress - Dirty Anxious Low

>> Jan The Actress make their full-length studio debut with a fuzzy and dissonant post-punk effort that plays very well within the genre and fills the head of the listener.

Jan The Actress is a four-piece post-punk act local to Rochester, NY, that focuses on creating fuzzy, dissonant post-punk that anyone familiar with the genre will immediately feel at home with. The songs are built instrumentally with a heavy “wall of sound” approach that really compliments the atmosphere that is being built. There’s a focus on maintaining high-energy and rhythm across the board with the lyricism that seems to be questioning the details of being alive. The songs are very dense and pounding, but often give way to playful guitar melodies and passionately aggressive vocals.

The band, in terms of atmosphere, songwriting, rhythmic build, and the use of dual vocalists could most easily be compared to recent acts such as IDLES and Screaming Females. This release isn’t particularly unique in the realm of this genre, seeing as it sticks to most of the conventions of said genre, but it doesn’t really need to be. Some of the longer tracks just barely overstay their welcome, with instrumentals that don’t provide too many new ideas. That being said, it’s very encouraging how well conceived and maintained Jan the Actress are on this first release. They manage to stay loyal to the notions and ideas they’re subscribing to, still keeping a thrashing punk sound that drops in a bit of shoegaze, all the while maintaining this sound so that it never feels too rough or overblown. The project is mixed and mastered very well, making every aspect heard but never betraying the rougher quality of the sound. 'Dirty Anxious Low' is a really great start for a surprisingly well constructed local group, it will be particularly exciting to see where they grow from here. <<

Listen to 'Dirty Anxious Low' HERE!

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