Music Video Premiere: Better In Reverse by Super Cassette

>> Super Cassette is an Oakland garage-pop band built around the guitar and vocal harmonies of two brothers. The band formed when Max Gerlock assembled a group to play his solo project, Maximillian, live. Their first show went so well that it became obvious the project should be transitioned into a full-fledged band rather than a solo effort. Plus, Max and his brother (and co-frontman) Nick had been meaning to pursue a project together in earnest for years, but didn’t have the time to until graduating college. Once bassist Devin Hollister and drummer Aziz Yehia were on board, they knew they had something special.

Off the heels of their last EP, Cathode Ray Tube, and a few west coast tours, Super Cassette is gearing up to deliver several singles, leading up to their first full-length release at the end of this year.

We talked to Max Gerlock (Vocals/Guitarist) about the new tune and video that goes along with it. Check out his insights below!

“Better in Reverse” laments mankind’s unfortunate tendency to just ruin things over time – whether it be personal relationships, the social/political climate, or the planet (especially in this age of apparent dystopia).

The first lyric and melody surprisingly came to me in their entirety during a road trip. Our band is fronted by me and my twin brother, Nick, and in that moment I was reflecting of a particular memory where I was very intoxicated and ended up just treating Nick like garbage.

“You were my brother, but we killed each other”. How can you more succinctly summarize humankind’s tendency to betray itself? Why do we treat each other poorly, even when we’re in the same family?

Also, this song was recorded in a bedroom, which I’m pretty proud of.

This song and video have been rife with seemingly-cosmic inspiration. Nick Troughton (our film partner) and I had been searching for a concept for the video, and hadn’t really come up with anything super compelling. Then, one night I had a dream where I described the concept of the video (almost fully formed) to my bandmates; in the video, I would kill off the other members of the band in some gruesome way, and we would play with bringing them back to life by reversing their deaths. I had to convey this idea carefully as I essentially dreamed of killing off my bandmates.

We shot the video with Nick Troughton (who we met through the band Future Myth) and his team. We tried to keep things simple by using just a few locations. The main events, including band practice (and two of the three murders) occur in my garage. The garage is my actual studio and where we have band practice, which I hope lent an air of authenticity to the video. The rest of the video we kept simple by shooting in a friend’s swimming pool and at lake Anza (just outside of Berkeley). <<

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