Syracuse Band Outside Voices Celebrates Their Latest EP Release with a Bunch of Local Talent

>> Outside Voices from Syracuse, NY celebrated the release of their EP 'My Best Days' at The Lost Horizon this past Saturday, hosted by After Dark, and it was an epic show. The lineup of bands who were also on the bill spanned all across the western NY region of I-90 along with the support of those in attendance. This EP release follows their 2017 self-titled release with five punk/post-grunge/emo songs to jam out to.

Opening up this show was the band Ghostpool from Buffalo, NY. This “genre non-conforming” but definitely angsty group got to showcase their songs from the split EP 'NYLA' with a band called Hand Out from Louisiana, which was released last month. They also got to play songs from their EP 'There is a Hole at the Center of Everything', such as "Dropout", and "Left Brain". Though these guys were an hour or two away from home, they definitely garnered up support from the crowd.

Second on the bill was another Buffalo band by the name of Ugly Sun, returning to the Lost Horizon exactly a month after playing with Slothrust (who also played to a sold out crowd at Rochester’s Bug Jar). This three-piece truly serenaded the audience, each with their own microphone (drummer, too. Lowkey impressed) harmonizing every now and then in a few songs they performed.

Up third was Rochester’s own Carpool. They got to play absolute jams from their latest album 'I Think Everyone Is a Cop', such as "Close Encounters", "Local Joke", and "Idaho". They came to the stage full of support and enthusiasm from the audience, as well as love and appreciation for all the bands they were playing with (with a special shout out to Outside Voices, of course). It’s always great to see the guys connecting with the audience well in the midst of a solid set - even if it’s over witty banter about early 2000s Disney movies.

Sympathy took the stage right before Outside Voices was to perform, and were the only other band from Syracuse on the bill. This rock n roll style band played songs from their two-part album 'For Everyone to See.' They released the album in 2018, and are no strangers to performing with Outside Voices (and Ghostpool, for that matter). They put on a passionate, wholesome set for their home audience.

Outside Voices closed out the show, of course, performing all the songs from 'My Best Days.' They threw in their song "Yellow Notes", from their first EP for the fans that have been around since their beginnings, as well as covering "Drain You" by Nirvana, paying homage to them as one of their style influences. All in all, the band was humbled to be on stage amongst many of their supporters, and some of their favorite, talented local musicians. We can’t speak too much in depth about what lies down the road for Outside Voices, but we can definitely expect them to continue rockin’ and supporting their local scene, and building relationships with the talented artists and genuine fans surrounding them. <<

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