Rubblebucket Return to Anthology's Stage for Another Breathtaking Performance

>> Walking into Anthology on a brisk windy night it was packed. Millennials, hipsters, older generations of music seemed like everyone showed up to see one of their favorite alternative dance-rock bands Rubblebucket and support local artist Mikaela Davis!

Mikaela Davis started her set on the harp, and dreamy notes flowed throughout the venue. Kurt Johnson joined Mikaela Davis and the rest of her band (Alex Cote, Shane McCarthy, and Cian McCarthy) rocked out in 70’s attire. It was a chill performance before Rubblebucket took to the stage. The lineup was a perfect energy crescendo. Mikaela and the band played most of the songs from her latest album, ‘Delivery.’ The crowd gathered around the stage and danced along to their favorites. After all, local people love supporting other Rochester natives-- especially when they slay at that harp!

The stage was rearranged and Rubblebucket began to play some tunes from their most recent album, ‘Sun Machine,’ starting off with the first track, “What Life Is.” Two fabric walls were set up on either side of the stage. Each of them was lit with vibrant color changing lights. These were really nostalgically cool props; during their set some of the band members, Kal and Alex included would go behind them and dance! It made me feel a little bit like I was watching one of the old iPod commercials, but cooler (obviously) because it was real life, in front of my face. The whole crowd was boppin’ around and singing along to each tune. A perfect mid-week workout with a bomb live soundtrack. Later in their set, they played some older tunes, “Came Out of a Lady” and “On The Ground.” Of course, they came back on stage for an encore. Singing their hits, “Shake Me Around,” “Young and Old,” and “Carousel Ride,” before marching back to the merch table improvising while playing their instruments. One of my favorite Rubblebucket show traditions. <<

Listen to Rubblebucket HERE!