Letting Loose with Nashville Indie Rockers The Pressure Kids

>> No pressure kids, but there's an up and coming indie rock band out of Nashville, Tennessee that are eager to share their music and all-time favorite hangouts with you in their interview. The Pressure Kids are an ambitious group of musicians hailing from the Music City, and their tracks are both contagious and approachable for indie fans from all around the globe.

How did the band originally meet up and form today’s The Pressure Kids?

All of us met at Belmont University. We hail from different corners of the states - the Northwest, Texas, California, the Midwest - Belmont was the magnet, and the band formed pretty organically our first year at school. Allan lived right across the hall from me, brought over jalapeno almonds one day after moving in and we jammed. Immediately we knew we had personal and sonic chemistry. Belmont was this wildly creative and collaborative atmosphere, a band incubator, a rock and roll bootcamp. We filled out our lineup that first semester, playing our inaugural show (calling it a “show” is putting it generously) in this dingy back room of an abandoned laundromat.

Nashville is a town with a lot of bands. People around here sometimes attend multiple shows a night, get show-fatigue. You sort of have to do things to stick out, to be memorable. Our first few years as a band, we did this by playing loud. Very loud. Screaming in people’s faces. Bashing each other on stage. We shed a lot of sweat on stage those first few years, the lineup stretching and shrinking and really solidifying once we brought Zach on behind the drum kit about two and a half years ago.

Could you describe some of the backstory behind your latest singles "Fever" and "Team”?

When we sat down to sketch out our first proper project, we knew we wanted it to be this big, sprawling mission statement of a thing that would pay homage to our many lives as The Pressure Kids. We had so many songs from so many periods of our band, we wanted to highlight each of these moments that felt like important parts of our story. At the time we started recording, “Fever” and “Team” were the freshest ideas, so we tackled those first. They were only ideas at the onset of recording, hardly fleshed out. These two songs in particular kind of became the thesis statements of the record, gave us a real sonic roadmap for how we wanted this thing to sound. They represented where we were heading musically. Like I mentioned before, we spent a lot of our first few years just being loud, but we’ve since been able to pare things down, allowing ourselves the space indulge our more melodic, atmospheric and tender impulses while still channeling the kinetic energy we built our live set on. “Fever” and “Team” really highlight that progression.

What has been the most exciting accomplishment in your musical career so far?

We’ve been able to do some seriously special things as a band, but getting to record our forthcoming EP tops the list of exciting accomplishments. It’s a real testament to the democratic nature of our band, all the songs were hammered out together and evolved in a really lovely way. It’s something we are supremely proud of and excited to finally share with people, it’s been a long time coming.

What other musicians/bands are you listening to right now that you find inspiring for writing/creating?

We made a playlist that’s up on our Spotify of stuff we were digging while writing and recording, stuff that has influenced us in our journey. Gives you a pretty decent glimpse into the smoothie of influences of our new EP. We have pretty eclectic tastes and are always turning each other on to cool stuff, and there are always things we unanimously agree on: lately we’ve really been into that new Jeff Tweedy record, the new 1975 stuff, and the gorgeous new Adrianne Lenker (of Big Thief) solo record.

What drives the emotion in the band's tracks? Are there specific parts of your lives that you draw on?

The common thread for us has always been togetherness and celebration. We like to make music that celebrates the spectrum of experience, pain, forgiveness, fucking up, figuring it out. The breakups and the makeouts, starting things over, being in over your head. All of us, together, tangling up, unfurling. These have been our favorite themes over the past years. We like writing songs for those that are involved in this messy beautiful blur of a world.

With the singles released recently, what should we be expecting for your upcoming EP?

We started with a towering pile of tunes to pick through and ended up with something we are tremendously proud of, a collection of songs that really represents the entire lifespan of our band. There are tunes on there that are some of the first we ever wrote, some were finished while we were tracking them. It’s our mission statement, our love letter to each other, our sonic history book of the past five years together. It’s the sound of us believing in each other, in you.

You recently had a show in Nashville at The Basement. How was the show? Is there a highlight of the night you want to share with our readers?

It was truly one of the most special nights we’ve ever had. We debuted a bunch of new material we’ve been working on, which is always the best kind of nervy thrill. We shared the stage with two dear friends that we have played together with since the very inception of our band. To relive so many loud and precious memories with those two in front of a sold out crowd was pure magic. Plus there is just so much history in that venue, a real “if these walls could talk” type place. We’ve seen some truly stunning shows in that room, to add our little notch to that history was cool beyond belief.

Is the band planning on touring anywhere in 2019? If so where?

We are working on booking stuff as we speak, we will keep you posted when we’re coming through a city near you.

What would be the dream venue to play a headline set at?

Considering we hail from some pretty legendary music cities, we’ve got a whopper list of dream venues. If we’re only allowed to pick one, think it’s safe to say that the Ryman in our adopted home of Nashville, Tennessee probably is the dream jewel of the list. Nashville is where it all began baby, and the Ryman is the mother church of our fine city.

Where is the band’s favorite place to write and rehearse? Why?

You can kind of define periods of our band by the rooms we’ve occupied over the past few years, and our spot as of late has been my house. I live up on this hill, it has a nice view of the city, a porch to enjoy a break from the noise. The basement is cozy, has strange turquoise walls, and the space is twisted in a way that sort of creates this acoustic anomaly because DAMN does this damp unfinished basement sound pretty good with all of us jammed in there. We’ve hammered out many tunes down there and will do so as long as we continue to keep the volume down to a reasonable level for our neighbor the heart surgeon. Come over and hang with us sometime, yeah?

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