New Music Friday - Empowering and Uplifting

1. "All Equal" by Baker Street

Baker Street is a new hard hitting musically diverse jam band in the Rochester scene. Their latest single makes you wanna get on your feet and dance with the one you love! Featuring funky tones and positive vibes, the band brings energy and unique sounds to the jam band music scene.

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!

2. 'New Jersey' by Geographer

Geographer's latest EP explores his youth in New Jersey and dives into the themes of the hopes and aspirations of the young. This set of hauntingly gorgeous tracks features intense and emotionally probing lyrics with momentous and soaring arrangements which can not be overlooked.

Listen to the EP on Spotify HERE!

3. "Bad to Worse" by Ra Ra Riot

We are OBSESSED with Ra Ra Riot's undeniably reaffirming lyricism and musicality on their latest single. On “Bad To Worse,” Ra Ra Riot approach the theme of driving from a wearied perspective, recounting a nine-hour journey from Washington D.C. to the outermost point of Cape Cod. “It’s about watching the world from the window of the car or bus, and how there’s a familiarity to everything but it’s never the same as it once was,” says lead singer, Wes Miles.

Listen to the single on Spotify HERE!

4. 'Beautiful Sadness' by Fil Bo Riva

The Floated team have been anticipating the release of this album for months, and we are so excited to share it with our followers! Written over the last two years, Fil Bo Riva's latest collection of indie-pop gems possesses a breezy confidence and assurance, scanning like the work of a canny veteran. This is no surprise; after countless hours in the studio honing and re-recording ideas alongside guitarist Felix A Remm and producer Robert Stephenson, they have a worn in feeling, like a pair of favourite slippers.

Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!

5. "Patience" by Tame Impala

How could we overlook this phenomenal new release by one of our favorite psych-indie acts? "Patience" is a mid-tempo chugger of 70's disco and 90's house, stoned on the house-made Tame Impala lysergic liquor. A jubilant, confident cut of elegant piano jabs, driving disco drums and Parker's inimitable vocal style.

Listen to the single on Spotify HERE!