>> Tiger and Frame is an Indie Rock band from Grand Rapids MI. The group has been playing together under the Tiger and Frame name for nearly a year now, but released an EP under the name DAVIDSTOUT back in 2017. The band is made up of married duo David and Miranda Stout, as well as Ryan Herman, and Nathan Porter.

Please describe the music scene in Grand Rapids, list some of your favorite bands from Grand Rapids, and explain what about this location has influenced your style.

The Music scene in Grand Rapids is incredibly diverse. There is plenty of new music to go around and some great local bands to see live. Growing up in northern Michigan and moving to Grand Rapids as young adults definitely influenced us as a band. Meeting new people and hearing their stories motivated us to write music about real and authentic life experiences.

A few fantastic acts from our area are our friends in "Michigander", and we are fans of the group "Brother Elsey". Singer-Songwriter Mark Harrell is also one of our favorite local lyricists.

Are there any big plans for 2019?

We would love to spend a lot of time in the studio working on more new music. Our latest single "Villain" is one we are really excited about and look forward to making more music like that. <<

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