Caught Up in The Moment with Heartstreets

>> Emma Beko and Gab Godon are an electronic influenced hip-hop/r&b duo, Heartstreets, out of Montreal. These talented ladies have been named one of NYLON’s “5 Canadian Bands That You Should Listen To Right Now." Their tunes are unbelievably catchy and will make you want to shake it! Check out their guest blog feature below where they talked about their first major performance opening for Bran Van 3000 at Metropolis.

Gab: We’ve been doing music for a very long time as Heartstreets. We had our first show ever organized at Bistro de Paris in Montreal in 2011. We started to create a buzz in the music scene and received some attention to our project shortly after that. That’s when we got offered to play our first big gig at the infamous Metropolis, which was a huge deal for us! We had never imagined we would be performing at a venue this big so soon.

We barely had an EP out and we needed to figure how to loosen up on stage. We were so nervous at the time. We are still nervous before a show but now it gives us a little boost of adrenaline. Back then we could barely move on stage and we were terrified by the crowd. It got to a point where a member of my family suggested we get some help to feel more comfortable on stage. We were put in contact with someone who used to work with artists at Cirque du Soleil and it really helped us with our moves, energy, and helped build our confidence up!

We felt so lucky to be well surrounded and to have the support we needed. With the little experience we had and all the excitement in the world we were finally ready to perform those 3 tracks we had written! If I remember correctly we had done 3 songs in our career and we were about to open for Bran Van 3000, forgot to mention!

Emma: Bran Van 3000 is such a huge band, such a childhood memory for both of us. It was a pretty big milestone at that moment in our new endeavor of making music and performing. We were fresh out the womb in this industry! We were extremely excited, it seemed like a whole new level. Prince (rest in peace) had performed on that same Metropolis stage a few days earlier... so many of our idols had performed there. We felt that energy while we sang that night, it was magical.

We finished our set and headed back down to our small cozy green room, while the headliners were getting ready to go and perform. We were on such on a high from the adrenaline and had managed to gather a little entourage with us backstage. Very noob move... we learned very quickly following that show that when you open for another band, you do not bring people backstage. It’s considered unprofessional and not very considerate for the headliner... little did we know haha! So there we were maybe 6 of us, in the smallest room possible, just talking and singing and screaming of joy. We really felt like we had made it! A friend of ours had managed to bring in a bottle of champagne to celebrate the moment. We popped it and followed that by chain­smoking joints and cigarettes, basically hot boxing it up. So all this to say that we weren’t very aware of our environment, too caught up in our own accomplishment. We shared laughs, took pictures, enjoyed each other’s company and had an amazing time. We sneaked upstairs to catch a few songs from the band we had admired in our youth, we were in awe of their energy.

We proceeded to head back down to the green room and as we arrived in front of the door, someone responsible for the venue, with a pretty aggravated look on their face, told us that unfortunately, we had to leave the premises... we were stunned! What? Why? We then understood that bringing in alcohol from the outside into a licensed venue is illegal and will never be tolerated. We could have simply asked for a bottle from them and all would have been good. Rookie mistake. First and last one of this kind! We moved our party to the back alley and had a good time nonetheless. Good times.

Flashforward 7 years later, we are extremely proud to announce that we will be performing for our second time at the same venue now called MTelus. Things have evolved enormously since then, we have personally and musically grown so much and are ready to tear the stage down! There will be champagne involved this time as well, but done in a legal fashion... haha! <<

Heartstreets will be performing April 5 (Sherbrooke), 6 (Montréal), 7 (Québec) alongside Eddy De Pretto.

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