Music Video Premiere - Sarah Eide: The Bridge Song

>> A new musician has arrived to the Rochester area, and she has brought with her a myriad of unifying songs promoting kindness, empathy, and respect. As a millennial mother experiencing the triumphs and challenges of parenthood, Eide's upcoming album 'Dreams on Hold' is expected to be released on Mother's Day 2019, a time when women across the world will be honored for their strength, grace, and perseverance. A number of the songs on the album were written for Eide's own children, but anyone who has loved or experienced a bond with their parent or child can relate to the raw emotions displayed by Eide on this release.

The music video for her latest single "The Bridge Song" is the only track off the album which was exclusively written as a children's song. However, Eide's positive and charming melodies have the ability to bring out the imaginative childlike wonder in all of us. The video's joyful animation, created by local musician and pre-school teacher Jon Lewis, pairs perfectly with Eide's hopeful lyrics, as figures of embracing individuals dance across the screen during the lyric, "I'm gonna be a bridge, a big wide open bridge. Everybody is welcome here, no matter which side you live." If you need a pick me up for the day, Eide's latest music video is ensured to bring you a well-needed boost of delight and jubilation.

Watch the music video for "Bridge Song" HERE!

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