Awkward Moments, Furniture, and Inspirations with Banfi

>> Joe Banfi, Aaron Graham, and Chris McCuaig are a three-piece alternative pop rock band, Banfi, from London. The band has recently released a groovy new tune, "The Furniture Song," and we had a lovely opportunity to ask them some questions about their new sound, awkward moments, and of course furniture.

Your song, "The Furniture Song," has been described as an "ode to feeling awkward and lonely," could you talk about how you cope with loneliness and your most awkward moment?

Joe: A bit of solitude works well for me! Like going for a surf or a long walk, or even going to the cinema alone if you don't mind that. You can recharge a bit and then you've got something to offer people when you come back. I had a lot of awkward moments when I was little where I'd suddenly decide my legs were tired and I wanted to go from where ever we were, so I'd grab the nearest adult's hand and start whinging only to be horrified when they turned around and I'd grabbed a stranger's hand by accident.

What inspired your new sound?

Joe: I suppose just a continuing desire to connect with what we like about music or art and with the people who listen to us. We keep learning new things, new production techniques, reading more books, just trying to find what we like and then trying to combine all that into something. Emotionally we're always trying for that thing where you're not sure if the music is uplifting you or making you fall apart a bit like your heart's not sure if it should melt or break!? Not saying we achieve that but it's at least just a goal to strive for.

If you could compare yourself to a piece of furniture, which piece would it be and why?

Aaron: I’d be a bedside table - the most intimate of all the furniture...but mostly useful for holding glasses of water in case you get thirsty in the night.

What is your least favorite snack and why?

Aaron: Health chocolate/fruit bars...I don’t really know what they’re called but they taste like dust.

Which artists have been the band's greatest inspirations and why?

We love artists who write stuff that in anyone else's hands would be too straight down the line, but then they twist it with so much character that it becomes fragile and beautiful. Tom Waits does it all the time, and Perfume Genius. So does Jon Hopkins... he says a lot about something only being beautiful if there's enough interference surrounding it. Young Fathers do it as well - making synths drift in and out of tune and keeping the mix quite sparse. Incredible sounding songs that wouldn't be anywhere near as good if they weren't done with all that character. Nick Cave as well... "I need you" is a great chorus lyric the way he does it.

If you could compare the band's sound and vibe to any novel ever written, which one would it be and why?

Aaron: I’m not sure it’s a novel but probably The Twits by Roald Dahl...I think me and Chris would be the twits playing mean jokes, eating bird pies, that sort of thing and Joe would be one of the monkeys or Muggle-Wumps trying to teach us a lesson! <<

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