Taking Care of Our Earth With Aesthetic

>> Kimm Branch is the owner and creative mind behind branchhomestead, a small business based out of Rochester, New York that focuses on reusable goods such as washable paper fabric bags, containers, and pouches. Kimm uses her creativity to solve the important issue of excessive waste. It isn’t a secret that our planet is suffering from humans being wasteful and inconsiderate. This is not to say that all humans are like this. There are thoughtful innovators out there like Kimm who use their talents to allow us to make better decisions and act consciously about our impact on our environment.

Kimm was inspired by her parents and grandparents. Coming from a big family, she saw her family donating what they didn’t need or want and reusing everything they could. The acts of reusing, recycling, and donating to reduce waste always stuck with her. As the news of climate change and global warming became ever present, she realized that she needed to take action. She wanted to ensure that she was appreciating and taking care of her environment so her daughter can live a long full life.

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Kimm about her efforts to produce minimal waste. In preparation for the interview, I looked deeper into the zero waste movement, and during this research, I saw several trends. The first trend that I observed was the minimalistic design of reusable products. I asked Kimm if she realized the same correlation, and she thoughtfully replied that “[Minimalist] design especially, think about a napkin or a cloth bag. Its design is more simple but useful, you can use it for anything.” The second trend I noticed was that people who strive to create as little waste as they can tend to follow the minimalist movement. Kimm commented on this point as well saying, “I feel like the more I become interested [in the minimal waste lifestyle] the less I want to have. It’s really more convenient to have life simpler, the more you have, the more you have to take care of. The more you have to worry about moving along eventually.”

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