Demos to Debuts: The Jins Discuss Transitions and the Building of a Song

>> Ben (guitar + vocals), Jamie (drums + vocals), and Hudson (bass) are the trio otherwise known as The Jins. This Vancouver rock band has been making tunes since 2014, and since then, their sound has significantly evolved. In the guest blog post below, Ben speaks to us about their latest single, "She Said," and how their approach to music has changed with the upcoming EP 'Death Wish,' which is expected to release on May 17th.

Ben - I think I first wrote “She Said” right before the band went on our first tour across Canada back in 2017. Back then the track was hardly fleshed out but we were all really excited and wanted to road test it during the tour. Needless to say, the recordings we have from performing it on that tour are pretty rough compared to the final song we've just recently released. It's funny to think about how long it's taken for a 3-minute song to finally make its debut into our catalogue, and because of this "She Said" is such an important song for the band because it represents a step big step forward for us, and our music as a whole.

Our previous releases before “She Said” have all been just a step above demo quality. Before, it was just us in the studio hashing out song after song. We didn't really have any goal as to how we wanted it to sound, and for the most part, everything turned out pretty thrashy and chaotic. We really liked that sound and process at the time but we were glad to take more of a professional approach when recording our new EP Death Wish. When we recorded "She Said" and the rest of the EP, we were in the studio for months, working with Dave Genn from 54-40. Months of late nights to get 5 songs done, and there is a huge difference in the quality this time around. We really tore these songs down to nothing and built them back up over, and over again and we were rehearsing non-stop, to make sure every corner of these songs sounded as good as possible. Now that they're finished, we are really excited to see what people think of them. The band has grown a lot since that tour back in 2017 and we're excited to finally have some music out there that we can be really proud of. <<

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