>> Personally, I believe there’s no better feel-good movie than a romantic comedy. For the past year, Netflix has given us too many to keep up with. The latest installment to these Netflix Originals is The Perfect Date, a painfully predictable teenage rom-com starring Netflix’s own pretty boy Noah Centineo and directed by Chris Nelson (My Dead Ex). The Perfect Date is a not so perfect mish-mash of popular rom-com storylines which come together to create a film with the production value of a youtube video, and a script that was written by a teenager.

The Perfect Date follows Brooks Rattigan (Centineo), a middle-class high school senior who very desperately dreams of going to Yale after graduation. However, with financial troubles looming ahead, Brooks agrees to take his classmate's cousin (Laura Marano) to a school dance in exchange for a payment. All goes well, and Brooks decides to turn the venture into a business for local women who need a date or “chaperone”. Along the way, Brooks pushes aside the people that are most important to him and learns the importance of being accepted for who he really is rather than someone he’s pretending to be (essentially the overall message of most rom-coms).

The most disappointing aspect of this film is its unoriginality. Several themes and storylines have been portrayed in a more entertaining manner in films like 10 Things I Hate About You, Lady Bird, and even The Wedding Date. The Perfect Date comes across as a bottom tier rom-com engineered by Netflix’s marketing team with sole purpose please Centineo’s teenage fans. Nothing about this film is special, and don’t expect much if you decide to dedicate 90 minutes of your life to it. << 4/10

The Perfect Date released on Netflix on April 12th and is available to all subscribers.

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