VC Pines Overcomes Hardships Through Song

>> VC Pines - aka Jack Mercer - has moved away from the realm of indie-rock that he enjoyed as front man of The Carnabys and has immersed himself in a well of alternative soul, poetry, and punk performance. Over the last year, VC Pines has released a string of incendiary singles like ‘Garden Of The Year’ and ‘Vixen’, and most recently the British artist shared his debut Indigo EP. The whole EP has been produced by Hound and VC Pines, with beats for ‘Nervous’ and ‘Kinbaku’ created by Selasi, drums for ‘Vixen’ recorded at Numen Studios and played by James Trood whilst ‘Indigo’ was also written with Lucy Lu.

Following the EP release, VC Pines played a lively headline show at London’s The Lexington and now he’s set to go out on the road across the UK, with dates set for Stockton Calling Festival, Live At Leeds and The Great Escape.

Can you remember a time that music has helped you to overcome hardship in your life?

It's a strange one that. Music that I listen to definitely has an emotional effect on me, and sometimes I'll choose to listen to certain artists depending on my mood, but in terms of overcoming hardships I'd say I write my own songs to solidify the solutions in my mind? Someone else's song is their solution to a problem, it’s not something that has been done with my own thought processes if you get me.

How have the changes in your style of music reflected the changes that you have undergone in your own personal life?

I'd say the songs I write now are a lot more considered. I definitely focus on the message or the narratives a lot more. Also my current awareness of my mental health is something I'm trying to harness, I have synaesthesia so I try to use the colours in my head to direct the song in a certain way whilst writing it, almost like painting a picture in my head.

What advice would you give to young creators who are dealing with anxiety in their own lives?

Don't overthink and don't focus on what others are doing too much. Focus on yourself first and what naturally comes from within you and the rest of it is easy. <<

Listen to 'Indigo' HERE!

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