Soulful Blues - Music for a New Generation

>> Devon Gilfillian is a pop-influenced blues musician writing euphoric melodies for movers and shakers of the new generation. Drawing elements from classic soul artists such as Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and Ray Charles, Gilfillian’s signature sound combines the smooth vocal tones of R&B artists of the past with the groovy pop-influenced bass lines of the future-- adding in a taste of country grit. After the release of his self-titled EP in 2016, Gilfillian signed to Capital Records which has jump-started his career into timely opportunities such as performing for NPR’s World Cafe and AudioTree Live. Over the past year, Gilfillian has produced dance-worthy and contagiously catchy singles including the recently released “Troublemaker” and “High,” which captivate the energy and promise of this up and coming artist.

Growing up in the outskirts of Philadelphia, Gilfillian’s father was a wedding singer which familiarized him with the music industry from a young age. From humming melodies as a toddler around his childhood home to participating in choirs throughout middle and high school, Gilfillian has been working to create his own sound for decades. As he picked up the guitar at the age of fourteen, he explains that something clicked inside of him-- it was an urgency which shouted a need for creation and musical innovation. Over an energetic phone call with Floated editor Krit Upra, Gilfillian explains his first experience playing the guitar as, “the moment when I really fell in love with music and was like, ‘Jimi Hendrix, the blues, classic rock! Oh my god- -woah--’ and my head exploded.” Sharing his personal philosophy and investment into the music industry, Gilfillian discusses his journey as an artist and states that, “Everyone has a different entry point but it’s like, man, that moment when you fall in love with music is so magical.”

Sending messages of unity and inclusion through his craft, Gilfillian has been featured on prominent collections of resistance music such as 2017’s ‘Strange Freedom: Songs of Love and Protest,’ compiled by a group of forward-thinking musicians in Nashville, Tennessee. By using his influence as a musician to instill a culture of positivity and acceptance, Gilfillian and his manager started the “Truth is Not an Option” campaign at the beginning of last year to promote honesty in politics. Gilfillian elaborates a bit on their mission, and explains that their campaign revolves around, “calling out politicians and anyone who is in office that is clearly lying-- and it doesn’t matter if you’re a republican or democrat-- nobody is safe.”

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