New Music Friday - Dangerously Catchy

1. 'Social Cues' by Cage The Elephant

The highly anticipated album is HERE! We will be listening to this on repeat this weekend. Cage the Elephant are back baby and it is beautiful!

Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!


2. "Just A Boy" by Olivia O'Brien

One of our favorite indie pop artists is back with a tune that'll make you feel empowered while you dance along. Olivia O'Brien is QUEEN! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


3. "Bed" by SYML

This indie alternative artist from Seattle will be releasing his debut album on May 3rd. His recent single "Bed" will be on it. Hearing the tunes he has released so far makes us beyond giddy with excitement! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


4. "Reptilians" by Bear Hands

Bear Hands is preparing for the release of their fourth studio album 'Fake Tunes,' which will be released on May 10th. We are diggin' every song that has been released from this next album and this new tune is no exception! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


5. "Conversation" by Catfish and the Bottlemen

With the release date of their highly anticipated album 'The Balance' rapidly approaching (April 26th) Catfish and the Bottlemen have released another single. We have been waiting so long for this and our bodies are READY! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!