>> A black hole is an area in space filled with so much gravity that not even light can escape. If a person enters a black hole it would kill them instantly in the most gruesome way possible. However, if a black hole is big enough no noticeable changes may occur to those who have entered. Although death is inevitable, those who survive the initial entry will be greeted by an area in which time and space eradicate one another. “What is nothing when there is no space and no time?” Claire Denis asks while discussing her most recent film High Life. What does the human mind reveal when the tangible universe we know disappears?

Taking place in the near future, Monte (Robert Pattinson) and his infant daughter are the last survivors of a dangerous and deadly mission to the outermost area of our solar system. They now have to rely on each other to survive as they approach a massive black hole. Filled with dark and mysterious characters, High Life is terrifying—a true glimpse into the anarchy that humans are capable of when the most important rule is to maintain good hygiene.

Co-written and directed by Denis, High Life is as equally beautiful as it is terrifying. Its lo-fi score mimics the production design, and the uniquely vintage inspired sets (including The Fuck Box) make for an unnerving and wild ride. The flat, psychotic, and nuanced performance from Pattinson proves his strength and reaffirms he is one of the bests of our generation, and a hypnotic supporting performance from Juliette Binoche will leave you stunned.

High Life is a psycho-sexual space odyssey—an ambiguous film that raises concerns about the primitive intentions of humans during the brink of possible extinction. High Life will keep its audience chasing after answers which Denis has admitted she doesn’t have. It’s clear that this film is more about the process rather than a clear and final resolution. Which makes for an endless amount of interpretations, specifically about human desire and how it reveals itself to us. 9/10 <<

High Life was released in select theatres April 12th.